All around web technology by Brian LeRoux, SPACELORD!1!! at Adobe, formerly of Nitobi, working on PhoneGap.


I enjoy working on free/open source software. Most of my projects somehow orbit the amazing gravity of JavaScript though I can assure you that I dislike all programming environments equally.

Making the mobile web native since 2008.
Apache Cordova
Incubating at Apache.
For when I quickly need a simple vim env. Maybe you do too.
A joke site about js (and the jokes on us!).
Simple JSON Storage.
The first DOM library for mobile JavaScript.


PhoneGap: Beliefs, Goals, and Philosophy
This article seeks to clear up misunderstandings about the goals of PhoneGap.
Rolling Releases: How Apache Cordova becomes PhoneGap
Every software project has a different style in how its team manages a release. Our industry changes fast, and release management is no exception. This article discusses the Apache Cordova release model and how it relates to PhoneGap.
PhoneGap, Cordova, and whats in a name?
Adobe/Nitobi donated the PhoneGap codebase to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for incubation.