I am a software developer with a particular interest in web technology. Of late, I've been working around the mobile space. Sometimes I go to conferences and talk about phonegap, mobile web stuff, javascript, or open source. Possibly beer.


November 30 ParisJS Paris, France
Nov 23-24 Oxford DB Conference Oxford, UK
Nov 15-16 JSConf AU Sydney, Australia
Nov 12-16 Devoxx Antwerp, Belguim
Nov 9 Full Frontal Brighton, UK
Oct 6-7 JSConf EU Berlin, Germany
Oct 1-3 GOTO Aarhus, Denmark
Sept 28-29 LXJS Lisbon, Portugal
Sept 13-14 PhoneGap Day EU Amsterdam
July 21 PhoneGap Day Portland, USA
July 16-20 OSCON Portland, USA
June 17-21 QCon New York, USA
May 24-25 Web Rebels Oslo, Norway
May 10-11 Mobilism Amsterdam
May 21-23 GOTOConf Copenhagen, Denmark
April 30-May 4 Future Insights Live Las Vegas, USA
April 26-26 HTML5 User Groupso much fun San Francisco, USA
April 16-17 DibiConf Newcastle, UK
April 10-11 Philly ETE Philadelphia, USA
April 1 NotConf Tempe, USA


Nov 14-18 Devoxx Antwerp, Belgium
Oct 10-12M goto; conf Aarhus, Denmark
Sept 16 Future of Mobile London, UK
Aug 30 Dreamforce SF, USA
Aug 23 MoBeer Waterloo, Canada
July 29 PhoneGap Day Portland, USA
June 21 HTML5 Summer Dev Fest Vancouver, Canada
June 11 TxJS [video] ← perhaps my best talk Austin, USA
May 18-20 Falsy Values Warsaw, Polland
May 12-13 Mobilism Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 1 JSConf PhoneGap Training Portland, USA
April 11-12 Breaking Development [vid] Dallas, USA
March 31 Facebook Tech Talk Palo Alto, USA
March 12 SXSW Austin, USA
Feb 14-16 JFocus Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 12 Android Meetup Vancouver, Canada


Nov 30-Dec 3 Rich Web Experience Ft Lauderdale, USA
Nov 19-20 Palm Developer Day New York, USA
Nov 17 VanJS Vancouver, Canada
Nov 12 Full Frontal Brighton, UK
Oct 19 Austin JS Austin, USA
Sept 29-30 Android Only Stockholm, Sweden
Sept 24-26 JSConf.eu Berlin, Germany
July 19-23 Oscon Portland, USA
June 5 TxJS Austin, USA
May 26 Petcha Kutcha [vid] Vancouver, Canada
May 12 Web Optimization Summit INTERNETS
April 24 Palm Developer Day Sunnyvale, USA
April 16-18 JSConf.us DC, USA
Mar 29-31 Where 2.0 San Jose, USA
March 2-4 DjangoSki Whistler, Canada
Feb 4 Spokane Mobile Meetup Spokane, USA
Jan 29 VanRB Vancouver, Canada


Dec 3-5 SAPO CodeBits Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 16-19 Web 2.0 Expo New York, USA
Nov 7-8 JSConf.eu Berlin, Germany
Nov 6 Oredev Malmo, Sweden
Oct 21 VanJS Vancouver, Canada
Oct 14-16 Mobile 2.0 San Jose, USA
Sept 14-16 Ajax Experience Boston, USA
Sept 12-13 jQuery Conference Boson, USA
Sept 12 FITC Mobile Toronto, Canada
Aug 24 Mobile Portland [video] PDX, USA
July 26-27 Inside Mobile San Jose, USA
June 18-19 Mobile 2.0 Barcelona, Spain
July 9-12 Future Ruby Toronto, Canada
April 24-25 JSConf.us [video] DC, USA
Mar 1-3 360|iDev San Jose, USA
Jan 24 Ruby in the Rain Vancouver, Canada