Simple JSON Storage

Lawnchair: Simple JSON Storage


You have many options for kicking up a lawnchair.

new Lawnchair(function() {
    // Default params: records and record in terse callbacks

though new is something of an overkill for a js constructor and maybe we want to setup our own parameter names for terse callbacks

var ppl = Lawnchair({name:'people', record:'person'}, function(people){

    // Something to save...
    var me = {name:'brian'}

    // Anon fn bound to the instance{a:1})

    // Hmm... but `this` won't work inside an anon handler
    document.getElementById('btn').addEventListener('click', function(){

        // Refer to the callback param (mapped to `name` in ctor options)
        // - also notice the terse callback in the second param 
        // - it uses the named variable person{me:'brian'}, 'console.log(person)')

        // Or just use the orig reference created w/ the ctor

    }, false)


As you can see, lawnchair gives you plenty of methods for accessing the persisted data in a very javascript closure and callback world friendly manner.