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jsconf au 2012



[] == ![]

(h/t to @johnbristowe)

What to expect


Use today with only mild regret tomorrow.

Our ability for technological advancement is corolated to the sophistication of the tools we use.

Tools of stone

  1. A text editor.
  2. The environment we want to target.

Text editors are like assholes.

Everyone has one and they all stink.

Emulators, virtual machines, and devices.

Everyone has one and they all stink.



Remote debugging

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sudo npm install -g crd


Get started here.


They always do stuff first. DragonFly is built in.

Mobile Safari (iOS6 only)

Maps or Debugging: your choice. I chose maps b/c I'm from Canada not Australia.


If you run out of bullets: you still have a knife.

sudo npm install -g weinre

Testing > Debugging

PhantomJS should just be standardized and a part of how browsers work.

Touchy feely

Offline: a disfunctional family (h/t @triblondon)

Various File APIs!

Kinda insane for good reasons. Maybe filer.js helps.

Proprietary sludge

Web != WebKit

Know your enemy.

iPhones are really popular in the Bay Area.

It is an echo chamber.

More people use Android than any other smartphone globally...

...and most of them are running Android 2.3.

Kids are using gaming consoles to access the web.

Follow @anna_debenham and check out these slides.

Windows Phone outsells iOS in China (and in other emmerging markets).

Know thy self. Your problems will be unique to your goals.

Responsive patterns

Brad Frost is collecting all of the responsive patterns. Super handy.

Progressive enhancement

Every pain you could possibly run into has been experienced by Filament Group. They have curated a wonderful collection of tools in Southstreet.

Performance is the priority

Some projects I kinda like


ermahgerd j/k!!!!


Simple, light touch, Zepto or jQuery based.


Full stack, flawless native emulation. Local, so you know where they live. Commercial license however.

Zepto + Underscore + Backbone + Bootstrap

Used by many very successful Phonegap apps.


From the dudes whom brought you Bootstrap. iOS only for now. Super early. Very promising.

Palm Apps

Remember "open" webOS? It is actually open! You can download the core apps here.

Firefox OS Gaia Apps

Developed completely in the open from the begining. Beautifuly designed in appearance and source.

Yeoman, Bower, and Component

Dependency management is a problem. Curated toolsets are emmerging. Yeoman is 'full stack'. Bower is its dependency management system. Component is smaller/simpler wholly and really beautifully designed---watch this screencast.

Futuristic flavor

You can start writing ES6 today using Six.

Cordova → PhoneGap

Content is unrelated?

Apache Cordova

Goals and how we ship.

Little known features

Plugins, Embedding.

Awesome apps

Gather, Untappd, and Wikipedia.

(Max Ogden has written up EVERYTHIGN you need to know to write kick ass and super fast apps.)

Join us

Mike Brooks shows us how.

Whats next?

Remember when JS was bad b/c it might not be enabled?

Ask yourself: what else are we missing from cargo cult "best practices"?! Go fly a NodeCopter, hack up a phone, just do weird and crazy shit in service of HAVING FUN. I think thats what we're really all about.

Thank you

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